Plasmas Physics and Engineering

Plasmas Physics and Engineering

Plasma engineering is a rapidly expanding area of science and technology with increasing numbers of engineers using plasma processes over a wide range of applications. An essential tool for understanding this dynamic field, Plasma Physics and Engineering provides a clear fundamental introduction to virtually all aspects of modern plasma science and technology. These areas include: plasma chemistry and engineering, combustion, chemical physics, lasers, electronics and new methods of material treatment, fuel conversion and environmental control.

The book contains an extensive database on plasma kinetics and thermodynamics, many helpful numerical formulas for practical calculations, and a large number of problems and concept questions. As a foundational text, Plasma Physics and Engineering is ideal for senior undergraduate and graduate students in mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering, as well as for scientists and engineers studying phenomena taking place in cold and thermal discharge plasmas, in combustion, and laser systems.

Details Plasmas Physics and Engineering

Title Plasmas Physics and Engineering
AuthorLawrence A. Kennedy
Release Date17th Apr 2007
FormatKindle eBook
Pages882 pages

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