Mnemonics for Study: Italian edition (Study Skills)

Mnemonics for Study: Italian edition (Study Skills)

This version of Mnemonics for Study has an extensive English-Italian
glossary (750 words) to assist Italian readers. The relevant glossary is provided after each
section, and these section glossaries are all included in the Table of Contents
for easy reference. A complete glossary in alphabetical order is also included
at the end of the book.

A successful student uses effective strategies

Being a successful student is far more about being a smart user of effective
strategies than about being 'smart'. In fact it is possible to predict how well
a student will do simply on the basis of their use of study strategies.

Mnemonics is one class of study strategy that is of proven effectiveness, but
(like only too many effective strategies!) is used far too little. Despite many
studies showing the effectiveness of mnemonic strategies, they remain the least
frequently used formal memory aid used by students.

Perhaps the main reason for this is that their effectiveness is not intuitively
obvious — truly, no one really believes that these 'tricks' can so remarkably
improve memory until they try them for themselves.

But while mnemonics do not help you understand your material, they do help you
remember those many details you need to achieve expertise in a topic — details
such as the names of things, technical words, lists of principles.

Moreover, mnemonics can help you remember tags or labels that allow you to
access clusters of meaningful information -- for example, headings of a speech
or main points for exam essays. For both these reasons, mnemonics are a valuable
assistance to building up expertise in a subject, as well as in helping you
'cram' for an exam.

This concise book covers

  • acronyms & acrostics

  • rhythm & rhyme

  • keyword strategies (including
    the face-name association method)

  • the story method

  • the loci or journey method

  • the pegword method

  • the link method

  • coding mnemonics

While you can find basic
information on these various mnemonic strategies in many books and websites,
Mnemonics for Study
goes far beyond the same tired descriptions, using the
latest research to explain exactly how these strategies work and are best used.

The hardest part of permanently improving your memory is changing your habits
and becoming an effective user of effective strategies. The best way to do this,
research has shown, is through understanding how different strategies work, and
when and how to use them. Through examples and exercises, that is what this book
aims to teach you.

Details Mnemonics for Study: Italian edition (Study Skills)

Title Mnemonics for Study: Italian edition (Study Skills)
AuthorFiona McPherson
Release Date30th Mar 2017
PublisherWayz Press
FormatKindle eBook
Pages224 pages

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