Miracleman: Dawn of the Age of Heroes (The Miracle Maker Age)

Miracleman: Dawn of the Age of Heroes (The Miracle Maker Age)
Life without purpose is really no life at all. Doing the same thing every day with nothing to look forward to becomes a never ending cycle of wasted time and just sheer… boredom! This is the life Bradley Edward Junior, the powerful CEO of Halo Technologies, Inc., lives every day. He just comes in, “works,” and goes home. At thirty-five years old, the only thing he has to show for it is inheriting his father’s company and doing nothing with it. That all changes when his wise cracking and self-aware tablet Flipflop comes across the news story of young Alice Brock. Alice loves superheroes. She believes in them and in the ideals they represent: truth, justice and equality for all. At seven years old she knows what she wants to be when she grows up: a superhero! Unfortunately it’s seven-year-old bully, Rex, who constantly makes fun of her and tries to break her faith in superheroes. The bullying gets so bad the national news picks up the story. Maybe for others it’s just a story. For Bradley it becomes a mission, and he doesn’t waste any time in pursuing it. With Flipflop and his appointed corporate assistant (actually corporate babysitter), Leslie Browning, at his side, he embarks on his mission to prove to Alice and everyone else superheroes exist. During his mission and the many misadventures Bradley discovers and embraces the true meaning of life, often at hilarious expense to him. He becomes a hero alright, just not in the way he or anyone else expects, especially if a certain bully has his way. Filled with moments that are adventurous, romantic, funny and touching, Miracleman: Dawn of the Age of Heroes is the story of Bradley as he wakes up to life and embraces it for what it is: the chance to grow, to love, and to give back. He becomes Miracleman, the hero Alice always knew existed.

Details Miracleman: Dawn of the Age of Heroes (The Miracle Maker Age)

Title Miracleman: Dawn of the Age of Heroes (The Miracle Maker Age)
AuthorCarlo Tamarit
Release Date10th Apr 2017
PublisherIndependently published
Pages275 pages

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