Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics
Written with pedagogy following internationally accepted outcome-based learning, this textbook deals with the basics
of Statics, Dynamics, and introductory aspects of Solid Mechanics, meeting the requirements of an undergraduate
course in Engineering Mechanics. The concepts are well-explained using diagrams drawn with engineering accuracy.
Illustrative examples and problems for practice provided in the book will enhance the learning process of the students.
Salient Features:
- Learning Objectives - Each chapter begins with a list of key Learning Objectives directly tied to the chapter content including the pedagogy. These help focus on planning for instructors and studying for students.
- Levels of Difficulty - All examples and problems - are linked with Learning Objectives and graded as per Levels of Difficulty (LoD).
- Short-Answer Questions - These questions (along with their answers) provided at the end of each chapter not only prepare the students for viva-voce, but also relate the concepts to real-life engineering problems.

Details Engineering Mechanics

Title Engineering Mechanics
AuthorAnil Kumar Dhiman
Release Date15th Jul 2015
PublisherMcGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited
FormatKindle eBook
Pages816 pages

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